How to Play PUBG Mobile


1. Control Settings

The basic thing before playing PUBG Mobile is to set the controls. The reason is, the default settings do not necessarily match your playing style. Adjust the movement sensitivity in the button position according to your convenience.

2. Choose the Right Landing Place and Jump as Fast as You Can

Every time you play, you will be taken by a plane with a different route so that the jumping point is different. To make it easy, you can divide it into 2 options. The first option is to land in the middle of the map or in the best spot full of good loot items. However, you are likely to meet the enemy directly.

Or, the second option is to dive in a location that tends to be safe and with minimal potential for gunfire, namely at the end of the map. If the second option you choose, dive near the highway and immediately look for a vehicle.

You can slide fast by pointing the virtual analog button upwards. After the parachute opens, we can also control and determine where the landing location is as close as possible to a vehicle or building.

3. Looting or Item Hunt

Another thing that you must pay attention to is looting items. If you land in the middle of the map, you should immediately find weapons as much as possible. Whatever it is, it can shoot bullets.

Even though there is only a gun, just take it because you can kill your opponent easily. Don’t focus too much on the loot if you land in the middle of the map. Focus on how to finish off your opponent quickly so that later you can do scavenging calmly.

But if you land on the outskirts and away from the noise of the players killing each other in the middle of the map, you might be able to have longer time to look for good items to survive.

Look for as many good items as possible before deciding to enter the war zone, because those who land in the middle of the map will have better weapons.

4. Choose a Weapon

You will find a variety of weapons that have their own advantages and disadvantages. You should also study the types of weapons that are suitable for various situations, because this might determine your survival.

Starting from the pistol is a good choice for early game starts; shotgun with the most damage but must be close enough to the enemy; submachine guns (SMG) with decent range and damage, light machine guns to bombard, assault rifles to survive mid-game and even late game with a fairly far range, and others.

5. Change Vehicle

When the supplies are deemed sufficient, it’s time to comb and move to the safe zone by vehicle. Compared to motorbikes or karts, cars are the right choice. Apart from providing protection from unexpected attacks, cars can also be deadly weapons, where we can hit the enemies we encounter.

Don’t forget to pay attention to fuel too. Don’t let the car run out of gas in the middle of the road. To be safe, replace the car you find when energy is running low.

6. Healing and Boost Items

There are types of items to heal HP, such as bandages that can restore HP by 10 percent, first aid kits to recover from dying conditions, and med kits that can heal players’ HP to 100 percent when used.

In addition, there is also a boost item that functions to regenerate HP or increase movement speed. Such as energy drinks, painkillers, and adrenaline syringes. Understanding how these items work will help you survive. Also make sure to use it in a safe place.

7. Communicating with the Team

Apart from playing alone, PUBG Mobile also has a team play mode. If you are in a team, try to keep in touch with other colleagues. Take advantage of the microphone or speakerphone to inform each other of the conditions and position where you are.

By communicating with a good team, the risk of losing will be smaller, as long as your team is compact and helps each other.

8. Keep moving

In the game, each player is required to continue moving forward to the point determined by the team captain. Don’t focus too much on looting so you forget that the battle zone has narrowed and you can’t enter the safe zone on time.

Keep moving with calculations. If you play with a squad, divide into 2 teams. Each contains two players and moves side by side with a distance of at least 50 meters. That way you will not become easy prey for opponents who are waiting because you walk in groups.

This flanking technique is very useful when the last battle zone is in an open field, because the enemy’s attention will be divided and one of you who has good aim and reflexes can easily finish off your opponent.

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