Headshot Tips and Tricks in the PUBG Mobile Game


1. Make sure the settings are correct

In the settings section, there are several presets, namely low, medium, high and custom. PBG Mobile default setting is set at preset low. Choose custom to set your own war style. You can also adjust the percentage of controller sensitivity, especially the scope shift speed, horizontal / vertical movement, and so on. Designing your own cock will make you feel more comfortable and more confident when you attack your opponent.

2. Choosing the right weapon

In the PUBG game, there are many types of weapons that you will find. To do a headshot, you can use an AR (M416, AKM, or SCAR-L) or SMG (UMP9 or UZI) weapon. For scope use, you should use one that matches your weapon and your distance from the enemy. Don’t use too large a scale if you are not too far away from the enemy.

3. Target the head or chest

Targeting the opponent depends on the position of the opponent’s body. For example, if your opponent is standing, you should target the head as much as possible for a headshot. But if your opponent is jumping, ducking or moving fast, the chest shot is a pretty wise target.

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