Best PUBG Mobile settings for 2020 that you can try


PUBG Mobile Sensitivity Settings

1. PUBG Mobile sensitivity Camera

This camera setting will affect the point of view when stalking the enemy. Each player may have their own preferences in this section. Make sure the settings suit yourself, so you are comfortable when shooting enemies.

Here are the camera sensitivity settings that many people use.

  • First Person No Scope 70%
  • Third Person No Scope 71%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 30%
  • Scope 2x 30%
  • Scope 3x 25%
  • Scope 4x 16%
  • Scope 6x 10%
  • Scope 8x 6%

2. ADS sensitivity

When you use the correct ADS settings, it is guaranteed that it will not be difficult when aiming at the enemy to get a headshot. Use the settings below and try to feel the sensation. 85 70 28 28 24 24 12 4.

  • First Person No Scope 85%
  • Third Person No Scope 70%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 28%
  • Scope 2x 28%
  • Scope 3x 24%
  • Scope 4x 24%
  • 6x 12% scope
  • Scope 8x 4%

3. Gryoscrope sensitivity

With a good Gryoscrope setting, the vibration that will arise when the gun is fired will be minimized. This setting needs to be adjusted so that you are more comfortable when shooting.

  • First Person No Scope 233%
  • Third Person No Scope 200%
  • Red Dot, Holographic, Aim Assist 272%
  • Scope 2x 269%
  • Scope 3x 211%
  • Scope 4x 35%
  • Scope 6x 44%
  • Scope 8x 30%

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1. Aim Basic

Set this section by going to the Settings menu, then Basic. Please adjust the settings below.

  • Aim Assist = Enable
  • Blocked Sight Warning = Enable
  • Bolt Action Rifle & Crossbow Firing Mode = Tap
  • Shotgun Firing Mode = Tap
  • Quick Scope Switch = Enable
  • Peek & Fire Enable Peek & Open Scope = Enable
  • Scope Mode = Mixed
  • Display left-side fire button = Always on
  • Gyroscope = Close
  • Auto-open doors = Enable
  • 1st Person Perspective Camera View = 90%

2. Control

For this control setting can be adjusted according to the convenience of each. There are three options provided by Tencent in the PUBG Mobile game. The controls that will be set are Move, Aim, and Fire.

In general, PUBG Mobile players use the Right fire fixed button control. However, if you are not comfortable with these settings, you can make your own by choosing Customize. Set as comfortable as possible, then select Save.

3. Chart

Graphics do have a big effect on satisfaction in playing. With the appropriate graphic settings, it will also maintain smartphone performance. So that it won’t cause lag or other disturbances.

This game is indeed more suitable for playing on high-end smartphones. Because it takes a large resource. But if the smartphone is used with moderate specifications, you can follow these settings.

In the Graphics section, you can choose Smooth, then just use Low for Frame Rate. This is specifically for smartphones that have standard specifications. Because if you force a high setting, it might lag continuously.

It’s a different story if you use a smartphone with high performance. You can use Ultra HD Graphics with Extreme Frame Rate. This really must be adjusted to the smartphone used.

How to get PUBG Mobile settings yourself?

The easiest way to have your own settings is to try and take notes. So you can start with the initial settings, then pay attention and note where the shortcomings are.

After the game is over, you can try to adjust and cover these shortcomings. When you have your own settings, it will definitely be more comfortable when playing.

Hopefully this setting can make you play more freely. Because after all, comfort when playing remains number one. You want to relieve stress, not seek stress.

Keep playing PUBG Mobile to increase your ability to defeat your opponent. It is not impossible that later you will become the top PUBG Mobile player known to many people.

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