5 The best PUBG Mobile weapon


1. MK47 Mutant

MK47 Mutant is one of the best PUBG Mobile weapons available on Erangel with the assault rifle type. Using 7.62mm bullets, this weapon is able to provide 49 damage per bullet.

This weapon has two shooting modes, namely single and burst (two shots). By using bursts, this weapon will excel at close to medium shooting ranges, often used by rusher in PUGB Mobile.

Even though it has a fairly frightening recoil, you can use this weapon in long range if you use Vertical Foregrip.

2. M416

M416 is one of the best favorite PUBG Mobile weapons that is often used by players.

The weapon uses 5.56mm bullets and is known as the assault rifle that has the fastest fire rate. It is very difficult to use this weapon in long-range shots if you don’t have several support attachments to reduce the recoil on the M416.

Some of the attachments suitable for M416 are Vertical Foregrip, Scope 4x, and Compensator.

3. M24

If you already hold this weapon, you must use Scope 8x, and also Suppressor. But because they are the two rarest attachments in PUBG Mobile, so maybe you really use the Scope 4x and Flash Hider as an easier replacement.

Also like other sniper rifles, you must use this weapon to shoot the enemy from an angle the enemy does not expect. Then also you have to kill as much as possible in one shot. If not, your enemy will move, and you will find it even more difficult to hit him.

4. UMP9

When it comes to damage, actually the DPS UMP9 is quite slow. But instead, the UMP9 bullet is faster to guess at a farther distance. Speaking of recoil or weapon stability, the UMP9 is very stable. Recoil is predictable very easily because it is only upwards.

If you probably don’t know, the recoil or snapping of vertical or up weapons is never scary because it’s predictable. But the pounding of weapons horizontally or to the left and right is a scourge in FPS games, because they cannot be predicted.

5. M16A4

Using a 5.56mm bullet, this weapon has a three-shot burst mode, which is a shooting mode that will immediately release three bullets at once. This mode makes the M16A4 very strong at close range with three shells that will enter very quickly. When switched to single-shot, this weapon is suitable for medium-long range use over 100 meters

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